'Florida Joker' Demands $2 Million From Rockstar Games (GTA 6)- Trailer Released
Credit to Rockstar and Joker

The ‘Joker’ from Florida, known for his distinctive facial tattoos, is claiming that Rockstar Games, the creator of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game series, used his likeness in the trailer for the latest installment, GTA 6. His mugshot had previously gained widespread attention due to his unique appearance. Alleging that his image was utilized without his consent, he is now seeking $2 million in compensation from Rockstar Games.

The GTA 6 trailer set a new record for the most views of a non-music video within its initial 24 hours on YouTube, surpassing 93 million views, as reported by Variety.

Following the trailer’s release, viewers noted scenes featuring an alligator entering a convenience store and police chasing a naked man. Florida Joker, also known as Lawrence Sullivan, asserted in a TikTok video that the tattooed man depicted in the scenes is based on him.

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‘Florida Joker’ Demands $2 Million From Rockstar Games (GTA 6)

Mr. Sullivan gained viral attention in 2017 when his mugshot circulated widely following his arrest by Miami police for pointing a gun at passing vehicles. In a recent TikTok video, he emphatically asserts that anyone failing to recognize the resemblance between himself and the tattooed man featured in the GTA 6 trailer is, in his words, “out your goddamn nuggets.”

Addressing Rockstar Games directly, he states, “GTA, we got to talk. If not, you got to give me like a mil(lion) or two.” In the video, Sullivan points to a side-by-side comparison of his mugshot and a screenshot from the trailer, showcasing a game character with similar face tattoos.

Claims to be him in GTA 6 Trailer

He declares, “Florida Joker ain’t having that. Y’all took my likeness. Y’all took my life. That’s me. That’s the person they got their inspiration from. That’s me.”

Currently, there is no information from either Rockstar or Sullivan regarding any communication or resolution. It remains unclear if the parties have engaged in discussions or if an agreement has been reached.

This situation isn’t the first time Rockstar Games has faced legal scrutiny. Notably, during the initial release of GTA V, actress Lindsey Lohan attempted to sue the company, alleging the unauthorized use of her likeness for a minor character in the game. However, her claims were dismissed in 2018 by a New York court, which deemed the character as a “generic young woman.” At this point, Sullivan has not taken legal action.

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